20.01  Appointment and Compensation

20.05  Review and Comment

20.02  Attorney for City

20.06  Provide Legal Opinion

20.03  Power of Attorney

20.07  Attendance at Council Meetings

20.04  Ordinance Preparation

20.08  Prepare Documents

The Council shall appoint by majority vote a City Attorney to serve at the discretion of the Council.  The City Attorney shall receive such compensation as established by resolution of the Council.

20.02   ATTORNEY FOR CITY.  The City Attorney shall act as attorney for the City in all matters affecting the City’s interest and appear on behalf of the City before any court, tribunal, commission or board.  The City Attorney shall prosecute or defend all actions and proceedings when so requested by the Mayor or Council.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.03   POWER OF ATTORNEY.  The City Attorney shall sign the name of the City to all appeal bonds and to all other bonds or papers of any kind that may be essential to the prosecution of any cause in court, and when so signed the City shall be bound upon the same.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.04   ORDINANCE PREPARATION.  The City Attorney shall prepare those ordinances which the Council may desire and direct to be prepared and report to the Council upon all such ordinances before their final passage by the Council and publication.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.05   REVIEW AND COMMENT.  The City Attorney shall, upon request, make a report to the Council giving an opinion on all contracts, documents, resolutions, or ordinances submitted to or coming under the City Attorney’s notice.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.06   PROVIDE LEGAL OPINION.  The City Attorney shall give advice or a written legal opinion on City contracts and all questions of law relating to City matters submitted by the Mayor or Council.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.07   ATTENDANCE AT COUNCIL MEETINGS.  The City Attorney shall attend meetings of the Council at the request of the Mayor or Council.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])

20.08   PREPARE DOCUMENTS.  The City Attorney shall, upon request, formulate drafts for contracts, forms and other writings which may be required for the use of the City.

(Code of Iowa, Sec. 372.13[4])