23.01  Community Center Board Established

23.02  Board Organization

23.01   COMMUNITY CENTER BOARD ESTABLISHED.  There is hereby established a Princeton Community Center Board to oversee fundraising and promotion and recommend the improvement and maintenance of the Princeton Community Center.


1.                  The Board shall consist of eight members.  Seven of the members will serve staggered terms of three years.  The terms of the members are renewable.  The eighth member of the Board will be a member of the Council whose term will run concurrently with the term of the Council member’s office.  The Council member will be a non-voting member of the Board and will serve as a liaison to the Council.

2.                  After the initial appointments, made by the Mayor, the Board will select future members to be approved by the Council, with the exception of the one City Council member, who will be appointed by the Mayor.  Members are to represent a cross-section of the community irrespective of the member’s use and/or non-use of the Community Center.

3.                  Board Members shall serve without compensation.

4.                  The Board shall report to the Council on a regular basis, not less than quarterly.