56.01  Annual License

56.04  License Tags

56.02  License Fees

56.05  Immunization

56.03  Issuance of License

56.06  Kennel Dogs

56.01   ANNUAL LICENSE REQUIRED.  Every owner of a dog over the age of six (6) months shall procure a dog license from the Clerk on or before the first day of April of each year.  The license fee shall be due and payable between January 1 and April 1 of each year.  Licenses become delinquent on April 2 each year, and the delinquent license fee is ten dollars ($10.00) per month of delinquency except for those cases where by reason of residence or age the dog was not subject to licensing during the January 1 to April 1 period.

56.02   LICENSE FEES.  The annual license fee shall be three dollars ($3.00) for each male dog, five dollars ($5.00) for each female dog, and three dollars ($3.00) for each spayed female dog.

56.03   ISSUANCE OF LICENSE.  Upon payment of the license fee, the Clerk shall issue to the owner a license which shall contain the name of the owner, the owner’s place of residence and a description of the dog.  The Clerk shall keep a duplicate of each license as a public record.

56.04   LICENSE TAGS.  Upon issuance of the license, the Clerk shall deliver to the owner a metal tag stamped with the number of the license and the year for which it is issued.  The license tag shall be securely fastened to a collar or harness which shall be worn by the dog for which the license was issued. 

56.05   IMMUNIZATION.  All dogs six (6) months or older shall be vaccinated against rabies.  Before issuance of a license, the owner shall furnish a veterinarian’s certificate showing that the dog for which the license is sought has been vaccinated against rabies, and that the vaccination does not expire within six months from the effective date of the dog license.  It is a violation of this chapter for any dog not to be vaccinated against rabies.  A tag showing evidence of proper vaccination shall be worn by every dog when not confined.

56.06   KENNEL DOGS.  Kennel dogs which are kept or raised solely for the bona fide purpose of sale and which are kept under constant restraint, are not subject to the provisions of this chapter.