91.01  Purpose

91.06  Meter Costs

91.02  Water Use Metered

91.07  Meter Repairs

91.03  Fire Sprinkler Systems- Exception

91.08  Right of Entry

91.04  Location of Meters

91.09 Separate Meter for Outside Watering

91.05  Meter Setting


91.01   PURPOSE. 
The purpose of this chapter is to encourage the conservation of water and facilitate the equitable distribution of charges for water service among customers.

91.02   WATER USE METERED.  All water furnished customers shall be measured through meters furnished by the City and installed by the City.

91.03   FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEMS - EXCEPTION.  Fire sprinkler systems may be connected to water mains by direct connection without meters under the direct supervision of the Superintendent.  No open connection can be incorporated in the system, and there shall be no valves except a main control valve at the entrance to the building which must be sealed open.

91.04   LOCATION OF METERS.  All meters shall be so located that they are easily accessible to meter readers and repairmen and protected from freezing.

91.05   METER SETTING.  The property owner shall provide all necessary piping and fittings for proper setting of the meter including a valve on the discharge side of the meter.  Meter pits may be used only upon approval of the Superintendent and shall be of a design and construction approved by the Superintendent.

91.06   METER COSTS.  The additional cost of any meter larger than that required for a single-family residence shall be paid to the City by the property owner or customer prior to the installation of any such meter by the City, or, at the sole option of the City, the property owner or customer may be required to purchase and install such meter in accordance with requirements established by the City.

91.07   METER REPAIRS.  Whenever a water meter owned by the City is found to be out of order the Superintendent shall have it repaired.  If it is found that damage to the meter has occurred due to the carelessness or negligence of the customer or property owner, or the meter is not owned by the City, then the property owner shall be liable for the cost of repairs.

91.08   RIGHT OF ENTRY.  The Superintendent shall be permitted to enter the premises of any customer at any reasonable time to read, remove, or change a meter.


1.         Installation.  The installation of water meters and remote reading devices subject to the applicable provisions of this chapter for the purpose of measuring water used for irrigation, swimming pools, spas, ponds, yard and garden watering, or other uses where the water so used does not enter the sanitary sewer system is permitted and no sewer service charge shall be made for water so used.  The following regulations apply:

A.        Any request for the installation of an irrigation meter shall be directed to the Public Works Director.

B.         The Public Works Director shall review the request and make a determination that the separate line will not discharge into the sanitary sewer system of the City.

C.         The outside watering meter shall be installed not more than two (2) feet from the prime meter and shall be installed parallel to the prime meter. 

D.        The outside watering meter setting must be made on the street side of the prime meter.  The water lines must be separately valved and run directly to outside faucets.

E.         Shut-off valves are required ahead of and after the irrigation meter and must be within one foot of the meter.

F.         A backflow preventer (approved by the City) to protect against contamination of the water system must be installed after the irrigation meter.

G.        The cost of the meter, shut-off valve, backflow preventer and installation shall be at the expense of the customer.

2.         Service Restricted  In order to provide a fair and equitable program of outside water service, the following restrictions shall apply:

A.        If a customer requests disconnection of an outside water service, a thirty dollar ($30.00) disconnection fee shall be assessed.  If a customer requests reconnection of an outside water service, a thirty dollar ($30.00) reconnection fee shall be assessed.

B.         During any period in which the City determines that it is necessary to conserve water, all outside water meter services may be disconnected immediately.  Disconnection will be completed by the City.  Reconnection shall occur only when the water conservation period is over, as determined by the City.  In the event of mandatory disconnection during water conservation periods, the fees as provided for in subsection A shall be waived.

C.         If at any time it is brought to the attention of the City that the customer is using the outside water meter to provide water for use in a building or such outside water enters the sanitary sewer system, the outside water meter shall be removed and the customer shall no longer be eligible for outside water service.  The customer will also be charged all applicable sewer charges and fees.

D.        Any sign of meter tampering by the customer shall result in the immediate termination of outside water service.

3.         Rates.  Water service through outside water meters is subject to Chapter 92 of this Code of Ordinances, including applicable monthly distribution and use charges.  No sewer charge will be assessed to water usage through the outside meter.