141.01  Definitions

141.03  Sidewalks

141.02  Driveway Requirements


141.01    DEFINITIONS.
  For use in this chapter, the following terms are defined:

1.                  “Driveway” means that part of any approach for motor vehicles to private property that lies between the property line and the roadway of the public street.

2.                  “Paving” means any kind of hard surfacing, including, but not limited to, Portland cement, concrete, bituminous concrete, brick, stabilized gravel or combinations of such materials, with the necessary base.  “Paving” does not include surfacing with oil, gravel, oil and gravel or chloride.

141.02    DRIVEWAY REQUIREMENTS.  All driveways shall be of paving of a depth of not less than six (6) inches and shall be at least twelve (12) feet in width.  The driveway may be placed directly on compact and well-drained soil.  Where soil is not well drained, a six-inch sub base of compact, clean coarse gravel, sand or cinders shall be laid.  The driveway shall slope not more than two (2) inches per foot toward the roadway.  The maximum driveway width at the curb line shall be thirty (30) feet.

141.03 SIDEWALKS.  The grade of any sidewalk shall not be altered by the work done.  The driveway at the sidewalk area shall be at the same level as any existing sidewalk.